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Anji HONGHAI Furniture Co.Ltd

Anji HONGHAI Furniture Co.,Ltd. (briefly named HONGHAI hereafter) is located in Anji County, Zhejiang Province, where is famous as "County of bamboo & Seating furniture" and "one of the most habitable places". Its superior location of 60kms' distance to Hangzhou, 180km's to Shanghai, and 230kms to Ningbo allows Anji to be the most attractive International Business & Traveling destination. In this case, HONGHAI as a manufacturer specializing in game office chairs, is founded in 2018 and this youthful team has made some surprising achievements during the past two years.


Anji Honghai Furniture Co., Ltd.
Contact: Alice
Mobile: +8618757203035
Post Code: 313300
Address: Guanghui Glass Factory, Fantan Ind. Zone, Anji County.

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